Ussuri NFT



Design: Crafting an Amazing 2D Anime Collection

Embark on a visual journey as we meticulously research and identify captivating 2D anime content. Collaborating with talented artists, we curate an exclusive collection that transcends imagination


Development: Building the Infrastructure

Immerse yourself in the development phase where a user-friendly website takes shape. Features are carefully integrated to facilitate easy navigation, and thorough testing ensures a robust and secure online presence.


Quality Assurance: Ensuring Excellence

Legal experts are consulted to guarantee trademark compliance, ensuring the protection of our brand. The official filing for trademarks for both the company and brand solidifies our commitment to quality and authenticity.


Brand Awareness: Strategizing Recognition

A comprehensive marketing strategy is devised to boost brand awareness. Leveraging social media platforms, influencers, and viral campaigns, we monitor and analyse brand mentions and engagement, strategically positioning ourselves in the hearts and minds of anime enthusiasts worldwide.


Community Building: Fostering Engagement

Interactive forums, events, contests, user-generated content encouragement, and ambassador programs form the foundation of a vibrant community. Nurturing a positive and inclusive environment, we cultivate a space where every member feels valued and connected.


Interoperability for 3D Collection

Collaborating with influencers and content creators, we implement viral marketing campaigns to amplify our brand’s reach. Simultaneously, our 3D collection takes center stage with the Free Mint Giveaway, Pre-sale Launch, and Whitelist Contest, promising interoperability across virtual realms and games. Clear communication of mint dates adds anticipation to the grand launch, establishing our brand at the intersection of innovation and community engagement.