Ussuri NFT

About Us

What is Ussuri?

Introducing our top notch 2D NFT Collection, Ussuri an anime brand that takes you on an epic adventure through a futuristic world filled with dangerous creatures, powerful heroes, and spectacular battles. Each NFT is a unique character with its own backstory, abilities, and design, bringing the world of anime to life in stunning 2D. Collectors can dive into the story and battle for supremacy, trade with other collectors, and unlock exclusive rewards and achievements along the way. Get ready to experience the ultimate anime adventure in a whole new way with Ussuri.

About Us

Our Core Values

We believe in open communication and honesty, fostering trust among our community members and ensuring clarity in all our interactions.

We value the uniqueness of every individual, embracing diversity, and treating everyone with kindness and consideration. Respect is the foundation of our community..

Equal Rights
We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of background or identity, has equal opportunities and feels empowered to share their voice within our anime community.

About Us

Why Choose Ussuri?

  • Growing Market Demand
  • Dedicated Fan Base
  • Strong Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Innovation and Technological Advancements